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Our Mission

Sharing happiness through arts & crafts ... & jewelry!

What's Happening Now...

Working on made-to-order bath bombs (fizz, foam, & surprise bombs) & soaps!

Pearls: I have oysters in stock! Ready to open & reveal your mystery pearl! I also have adoptable pearls - your choice of color! 

Our Services

If you need additional or custom order services please feel free to contact me!

Check out my Etsy shop: AOBEstore, click on this link: 

Bath Items

Currently I'm working  on: 

  • Bath Bombs
  • Bar soap
  • ... but, can easily make other items!

Bar soap: 

$3.00 (3oz - small) $5.00 (5.5 oz - large)

*Virtually any scent available! 

Bath Bombs:

Large: $5.50

Medium: $4.50

Small: $3.50

Bubble Bag: $1 .50

*Various scents available

Bubble Bath Bars (BBB):

$5.00 per pack of 3 scoops/bars ~ these are very bubbly!

*Various scents available

Soap Jelly:

$6.00- each & comes with a free bath sponge scrubby

*Various scents available

Whipped Soap:

$8:50 4oz jar 

$11.50 12 oz jar

*Various scents available!


Hand made: 

  • Earrings
  • Bracelets
  • Necklaces


  • 1 oyster: $15.00 + $3.00 shipping
  • Silver plated charm (to hold pearl): $15.00 + $3:oo shipping


  •  solid .925 silver chain, 18": $15.00 + $3.00 shipping
If multiple items ordered together only 1 shipping charge applied 😀

Order pearls at: @DreamInPearl 

Arts & Crafts 

Working on stuff... 

Eclectic others

Whatever moves me 


What our customers are saying

These turned out great! 

(Pokemon surprise bath bombs)


Call, E-mail, or Facebook 

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